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New Admission Notice STD. I to VIII (2022-2023)



I 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
II 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
III 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
IV 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
V 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
VI 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
VII 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00
VIII 37000.00 3000.00 40000.00

Abhinava School is SSC board coeducational school.

The school works in 2 sessions-

Morning Session from 7:10am to 12:30pm and Noon Session from 12:30pm to 5:40pm.

Primary school here has Std. I toVIII. Pre Primary and High school is at Nal Stop.

The detailed notice regarding New Admissions for the next Academic Year 2018-19

will be put on the notice board in the first week of April 2018.

The same notice will be uploaded on the website for the reference.

No enquiries in the office regarding the above.

The contact no of Abhinava PrePrimary School is: 020-25433063

The contact no of Abhinava High School is : 020-25442812

Thank you

Madhavi Deshpande

Headmistress – AVEMPS

               Dental Lecture (For Std V to VII)

In today’s modern world, with myriad choices in all walks of life, children are exposed to a variety of food. But choosing comes with a lot of responsibility. In view of this, our school had arranged a ‘Dental Lecture’ to shed light on ‘How to Take Care of our Teeth’ for children from Std V to VII.

Dr. Manasi Salunke conducted the lecture efficiently involving the children in her talk. She made the session interesting with a power point presentation. She demonstrated the steps of brushing our teeth in the right manner. Children participated in the question-answer session exhibiting a lot of curiosity and insight. Dr Salunke answered their queries with satisfaction.The question answer session lasted for almost an hour for both sessions. Our respected Head Mistress Mrs Madhavi Deshpande was the guiding light for this session.

Mr Memane receiving the award

Mr Sudhakar Memane has received the BEST TEACHER AWARD from Pune Zilla Adhikari Karyalaya.

It is our privilege that he is one of the nine Sports Teachers from Pune to receive this award.

Heartiest Congratulations !



Preparing the students for responding to emergencies and disasters is another facet of their school learning. The entire school practiced the Evacuation Drill on Tuesday 3rd October 2017. As a pre cursor to the actual drill the students are given detailed instructions about the dos and don’ts and how to respond to any emergency or disaster , as they may need to face.

The systematic timely evacuation of the school building and the established checks along with the various roles played by the staff during such drills is not only a necessity but a matter of pride for all of us as we mould the right mindset in students of all ages.


Cultural events play a major role in shaping the young minds of students. Keeping in with the tradition the Bhondla celebration took place in AVEMPS on Wed 27th Sept 2017 during the Navratri Festival.

The students of Std I to IV turned out in their finest colourful dresses to participate and sing their favourite songs. Right from ailama pailama to karlyacha vel  were sung with the same enthusiasm. They also enjoyed guessing the khirapat .Of course, devavouring the khirapat was another area of excitement.


Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness , knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair.

With this thought in our mind we had a rocking Diwali Party in our school on Sat 14th Oct. 2017. The children were dressed in their finery and were welcomed warmly by the equally colourful rangoli designs , glittering diyas and bright lanterns.

The students were treated to a delicious snacks and a faral packet each to take home and share and enjoy with their near and dear ones.


The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was held on Fri 15th Sept 2017. The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony is conducted at this time to mark the ‘Founder’s Day’ which falls on 8th Sept.

Dr Madhuri Gokhale , Associate Professor at the Dept of English Language  Fergusson College , Pune was our esteemed Chief Guest.

Our students were indeed very fortunate to receive their awards at her hands. Dr Gokhale inspired our students to aim high in life as well as cultivate the values of patience and perseverance.

Online Elections 2017-18

In keeping with the school’s age-old tradition of fair and transparent process of electing the current year’s prefects and vice prefects, this year’s elections were held on the Fri. 23rd of June, 2017, during which Std IV to Std VII cast their precious vote.

The candidates for the posts of vice prefects and prefects were selected after extensive discussion with the entire teaching staff of the school in accordance with the Physical Education teachers. They were given sufficient time for conducting their canvassing among the voting students.  On Fri.23.7.2017, a smooth and well planned online election process was held with the help of the staff of our well-equipped Computer Department.

The results were declared soon thereafter. The elected candidates were inducted at an orientation ceremony by our Headmistress Mrs Madhavi Deshpande.

Abhinava Astronomy Club

Initiated by Mr. P.M. Joshirao Hon Secretary Adarsha Shikshan Mandali , and coordinated by Mrs.Madhuri Jeurkar , Coordinator Adarsha Shikshan Mandali , the first of the series of monthly lectures by Amit Purandare Founder of the Astronomica Club, was held on Sat. 1st July 2017 at the Adarsha Abhinava Auditorium.  The inauguration was conducted at the hands of Joshirao Sir.  Mr. V.N.Chavan Chairman,  School Committee A.V.E.M.P.S. graced the occasion with his inspiring presence.

The purpose of conducting these lectures is to ignite a passion for astronomy in our young students.

The students of Std VII, VIII and IX ( AVEMPS , AVEMHS , AVMMHS ) attended the lecture with great enthusiasm.  Mr. Purandare threw light on the history of astronomy.  The lecture was made interesting with a slide show based on celestial bodies, constellations etc. and was followed by a question answer session.  The students participated whole heartedly and enjoyed interacting with the speaker.  We look forward to the forthcoming lectures which would benefit students of both the Marathi medium as well as English medium Schools of Abhinava Vidyalaya.

Important Celebration Days

  • All Cultural festivals
  • Grandparents Day
  • Children’s Day
  • Annual Social Gathering
  • Tai – Dada day
  • Founders Day
  • Teachers Day
  • Birthday Celebrations