Academics & Facilities

Special Features

  •  Two Session schools to suit the convenience of the parents
  •  Proper teacher-pupil ratio
  •  Having our own Primary and High School
  •  An enriched curriculum based on the various time tested philosophy and methods of early
  • childhood education
  •  Imparting knowledge through a novel combination of the traditional as well as modern
  • approach of teaching learning process

Educational Programmes , Projects and Activities are planned based on the major factors

of child Development.

1. Physical Development.

2. Emotional and Psychological Development-

3. Artistic & Creative Development

4. Language Development

5. Social Development

6. Intellectual Development

Children are prepared for formal education with 3R’s (Reading,Writing and Number Skills)

to receive the primary education with confidence, grace, maturity, self discipline, good image,

intellect and having an identity of his/her own.

Activities are planned taking into consideration the above developments.


  •  Play,
  •  Stories
  •  Project method
  •  Games
  •  Dramatization
  •  Audio Visual Method