Adarsha Institute Of English Language, is an institute which conducts Spoken English Classes in all the Marathi Medium Schools that come under the banner of Adarsha Shikshan Mandali. AIEL was founded on the 11th July, 2005.

These Spoken English Classes are different from the usual conventional method of teaching English language. This enables the children to develop the ability to understand the language.

AIEL with its good team of teachers focuses its energy  :

  • for oral drilling
  • for accurate pronunciation
  • for clear diction
  • to create a liking for the English language
  • to develop interest through various activities
  • to make it look simple and easy to learn through language games
  • to develop the ability to listen to the language and understand the same
  • to help the children to develop the confidence to express their opinions in limited vocabulary

ASM’S  AIEL: Adarsha Shikshana Mandali’s Adarsha Institute  of  English  Language.

V. P. S. (M. M.) : Adarsha  Vidyalaya  Primary  School (Marathi  Medium)

V. H. S. (M. M.):   Adarsha  Vidyalaya  High  School (Marathi  Medium)

P. S. (M. M.): Adarsha  Primary  School (Marathi  Medium)

G. H. S. (M. M.): Adarsha Girls’ High  School (Marathi Medium)

S. V. B. H. S.: Sou.  Sushilabai Virkar Boys’ High School (Marathi Medium)



  • To groom the Non-English Medium students and make them competent in every aspect of English Language so as to be at par with the English Medium students.
  • To develop their self-confidence so as to face the challenges in today’s world i.e. in different streams and at the corporate level.


Accept every Challenge, March forward, with dedication with complete TRUST, Commitment & Devotion, RESULTS will follow with Appreciation


  • To plan different activities and language games so as to develop all four basic language skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing for every unit.
  • To train students / teachers in speaking and listening skills. To develop their self-confidence.
  • To develop fluency in English.
  • To bring about an awareness of how English Language is very important, its significance in future life.
  • To help and master the skills of communication.
  • To build good vocabulary by using dictionaries.
  • To listen to good language and to develop good diction, pronunciation and intonation.
  • To also understand and comprehend the syntax.


  • It was established in the view of enhancing English Language skills in all the schools that work under ASM
  • It was established when the Government of Maharashtra introduced ‘Pahili Pasun  Engraji’  and made it mandatory for every school i.e. (Marathi Medium) to include English in their syllabus.
  • As the teachers in Marathi Medium were less competent to conduct classes in English, it became very important for AIEL staff to conduct workshops, training programmes and orient the teachers from time to time.
  • The Spoken English Course is open for nine months every year from June to February.
  • Hence the AIEL teachers are employed on ‘Visiting Faculty’ basis.
  • This Spoken English course is incorporated in the regular time-table of the schools.
  • Systematic Syllabus is designed by the Head of AIEL month-wise so as to regularize the flow of teaching.
  • Lesson Plans are prepared by the teachers in the specified format in order to follow a common method of teaching.
  • Accordingly Lesson Observations are conducted by Head to keep a track on teaching methods.
  • Teachers need to evaluate each child’s progress and fill in the Evaluation Sheets provided by AIEL.
  • Different types of audio-visual aids are used by the teachers which help to enhance the interest in children in English Language.
  • At AIEL more emphasis is laid on verbal teaching than on written, which indirectly improves the listening skills.
  • Different activities and games are conducted in the regular sessions so as to motivate the students towards speaking English.