Our Philosophy & Vision

The School aims at
1) Providing modern, progressive and value based education
2) Development and enrichment of our students through concepts of national integration, cultured behavior, human attitude, peace, non-violence and confidence
3) Instilling outer discipline which leads one towards inner discipline.
4) Equipping children with the tools necessary to positively influence their own life.
5) Providing opportunities for all children to learn and achieve their goals.
6) Making our school a happy place and our students , compassionate human beings.
7) Ensuring that all children have the desire to learn, both in and outside school and so making the most of every education opportunity both now and in the future.

Our motto


Programmes Implemented by Parents

  • Traffic Management during Independence Day and Republic Day
  • Classroom management during Annual Social Gathering.
  • Help for medical check up by Doctor Parents.

From the Principal’s Desk

We follow a different perspective while we try to inculcate creativity, innovation and confidence in children . We allow our students to enjoy their childhood and value their identity. Our aim is to nurture the child into a self motivated individual.

Besides academics , the school has made its mark in all spheres such as sports , art and craft, music, competitive exams . We give our students the best possible opportunities in order to impart them with holistic development.

We would continue to do what we have always aspired for – develop this school and the students with integrity and values . Our vision is to provide conscientious, personalities who are equipped to withstand every competition on the firm grounds of a social, physical, emotional and psychological well being.

Mrs. Amita Joshi

Principal, AVEMPS