Our motto

A Universally adaptable citizen

Our Dream

A school that caters to all the requisites of an adolescent child and renders it confident to face the world.

Our message

A student should have his/her roots from our glorious past, flourish using all that is available in the present and grow to contribute to the society;
Not to sin by keeping silent where words can make a difference: and not to remain inactive when actions can make the difference.
An Abhinavite should not only sympathise but also be empathetic to the problems pertaining to the society.

The school runs in two sessions. The strength of the school is 716 at present. The students of Abhinava have always brought laurels to the school year after year in all spheres. S.S.C. exam is the culmination point of Primary and Secondary education. In Maharashtra it is considered as the highest point of school career The students have done our institution proud by featuring in the “Merit List ” in S.S.C.exam. In the field of co-curricular activities, the students shine at international level too. Students have also excelled in various sports.Our school is concerned about the welfare of the students and is willing to adopt new methods, beneficial to our students and will always strive to attain greater heights.
The school has enlightened management and excellent school committee.

From the Principal’s Desk

It is rightly said “Once a teacher always a teacher”. I think all the teachers are inspired by our legacy of the Gurukul System of education. I have been in the field of education for the past 35 years and was indirectly connected to it since my childhood as my grandfather was the founder member of Maratha Mandir a reputed social organisation in Mumbai which runs many schools all over Maharashtra as well as the Maharashtra Dnyanpeeth exams.

Education to me is not just academics but creating sensitive, humanitarian individuals. Today unfortunately because of social conditions as well as cut throat competition there is a rat race for marks and admissions to college. Of course they are important but where is the value based education which gives a strong foothold to face the challenges of Life.

Education to me is developing the inborn talents of students and making them realise that Life itself is a big challenge and the journey is more important than the destination. For me education is teaching our students our culture, our values, our tradition, helping them identify their strengths and drawbacks and them equipping them with the basic knowledge of all subjects and the necessary skills.

We have a lot of talent and potential in India. I feel disturbed to see the brain drain in our country. The ultimate goal in life of most of our students is going abroad and running after materialistic pleasures. In fact I have seen some parents who bring up their children in such a way that they are told that settling abroad is the best objective in life.

I feel we should give all the experiences to the student whether it is academics, Art, Sports, Culture, Social commitment and not all the experiences custom made to suit the whims and fancies of what we want. Let the students take it in their stride, and learn problem solving in their own way. I think they would learn to explore their own capabilities in a better way rather than spoon feeding them all the time.

Discipline to me in every walk of life is the only and best solution to all our problems. I am sure if we follow traffic rules in Pune half our problems would disappear. I earnestly feel that students should undergo compulsory military training at least for two years so that it would instill discipline which would make our students tough and ready to face any challenge in life.

Somewhere today I feel we are overprotecting our children .If you do not expose a young sapling to harsh sunlight, wind and rain how will it learn to grow and survive. We have to give our students all the learning experiences. How many of our students have travelled by public transport? How will they learn conservation of fuels if we give our students a car and a driver to commute to school every day?

To conclude I would say let all of us join hands and firstly Practice what we Preach. Let us as mature adults be disciplined, be concerned about cleanliness and our environment, be humble and modest, be kind and generous when it comes to social commitment, respect our culture, tradition and Values and above all be proud of our country and ask ourselves the question what are we doing for our country as responsible citizens? And then I am sure our students will surely follow our footsteps. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Mrs. Swapnal Patil (PRINCIPAL)